Far Cry 4 Gameplay Trailer Blows Up All Of Tibet
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Far Cry 4 Gameplay Trailer Blows Up All Of Tibet

I think I'm on the Elphant's side, Mr. Min.

You know it's a trailer for a Far Cry game when there's a sinister, accented man casually taunting you in first person. In this latest Far Cry 4 trailer, we join antagonist Pagan Min and his bleached hair for dinner, cut with rampant open world gameplay you and a friend can expect this November. Just hope you never find your actual self in this situation, or else the rest of your exceptionally short life is going to be spent in abject terror. 

I wonder exactly what kind of training is required to ramp a four wheeler off a cliff with a wing suit and chuck a hand grenade straight into an airplane mid flight. My guess is they don't teach you that in the Boyscouts.

The Far Cry games are interesting with each player telling their own story, outside of the game's plot. Sure, you'll be battling against the Gurhka forces in the game's campaign, but who wants to hear about that when you can regale listeners with the time you crashed a jeep loaded with dynamite into a building, only to watch the burning soldiers not obliterated in the blast be devoured by rampaging tigers? A more moving experience, there is not.