Embrace the Weapons of Far Cry 4
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Embrace the Weapons of Far Cry 4

Spread the gospel, friends!

Wondering how you and your friends are going to survive the war-torn world of Kyrat in Far Cry 4? Not to worry! Your new best bud Longinus has got the hookup for all the gear you'll need to to bring to the party, if you're gonna rule over this treacherous region. Guns, blades, fire. Pretty much whatever you need to put down paramilitary thugs, Longinus has them.

Check out what your spiritual pal has in store.

Well, that sure was a whole lot of people on fire. 

So, we've got a pretty solid arsenal here for all kinds of open-world mayhem. I don't tend to get excited about multiple guns which all do the same thing, i.e. put a whole lot of bullets into the air. But Far Cry 4's weaponry is custom built for various styles of play.

Want to run in guns blazing and waste a hundred dudes? Grab an SMG and turn them into meaty confetti. Wanna try for the more stealthy approach? Combine that Kukri with the Auto Crossbow and ninja your way through the ranks. Or, if you're thinking your best role is a commanding one, lure tigers and rhinos into soft, squishy solders while you kick back and watch the carnage.