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BROFORCE 'Tactical Update' Arrives on PC
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BROFORCE 'Tactical Update' Arrives on PC

Create your own levels on Steam Workshop!

As if this game couldn't get more ridiculous, BROFORCE received a free update on PC to keep Early Access users as satisfied as possible. Titled as the "Tactical Update", players will now have a few new things to bro-out to, such as the new level editor!

Today, BROFORCE received its free October update, which includes some new missions and characters. To start things off, the new campaign missions are set within Eastern Europe this time around (looks like Russian mountain ranges and Cosmodrome). Two new playable bros are also offered are Bro Max, who is sort of a parody of Mad Max's Max Rockatansky and The Brode, spoofing Kill Bill's The Bride character. Bro Max uses a "Bromerang" to pick off enemies from a distance and retain ammo, while The Brode garnishes a samurai sword with high speed and lots of explosive power.

Additionally, Steam Workshop support has also been incorporated into the game! Players are now able to create their very own stages and share them with the Steam community. Although the game is still in beta form (Early Access was granted back in April), it can still be purchased for $14.99 either through Steam or the Humble Store.

Unfortunately, since this game is still in beta, we don't have any new information regarding the game's PS4 release. Until then, check out the trailer below for some bro-tastic visuals from the PC update: