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Devil's Dare Now Out On Steam, 20% Off
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Devil's Dare Now Out On Steam, 20% Off

Punch the dead until money falls out!

Finally, a game where you can give blatant ripoffs of 80's horror movie villains a piece of your mind. Devil's Dare is now out on Steam, with plenty of beat'em'up mayhem for you and three buddies. We talked to Developer Secret Base last week about balancing a game for multiplayer, and now you can see for yourself if their theories hold up.

See if you can sit through the entirety of their intentionally awkward launch trailer.

The four playable characters hark back to heroes of Video Games Past. These overt references possess unique abilities inspired by the characters they parody, such as Kingston, who possesses a golden axe, calling down a bunch of lightning like that one video game from the arcade machines. Now if only he'd jump on a lizard and thwap a tiny man for a turkey.

Speaking of arcades, Devil's Dare draws inspiration from the arcade days of old. While you can't quite drop quarters into your PC just yet, your characters will accumulate money as you slaughter zombies in your way across the city. If your off-brand hero takes too many bites to the brain and dies, you can cash in that hard earned change and pop up where you left off. Not enough money? You've gotta start back at square one, just like in those coin-guzzling arcade machines.

Devil's Dare's full price is $12.99, but you can pick it up on Steam for $10.39 until October 28th.