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Co-Op Deals: Advanced Warfare & Halo Master Chief Collection for FPS Week
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Co-Op Deals: Advanced Warfare & Halo Master Chief Collection for FPS Week

First person prices.

It's FPS week in terms of co-op game deals!

If you're looking to pick up this week's big FPS release of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, there's no need to pay the full $59.99 MSRP on select platforms. On PC, GMG has the Steam key down to $49.99 in its "VIP" sale. Once you arrive at this page, you'll need to login or create an account to see the discounted price.

If you're gaming on a PS4, a rare AAA console title price drop just happened on eBay Deals. Powerseller "antonline" offers a $10 price break and free shipping in the continental US. The same offer is also available for the recently released Sunset Overdrive. Sales tax is charged by the seller for California and Georgia only.

Plenty of other deals are in the works, including a 20% price break on Dragon Age: Inquisition on PC. The November 18th releasing RPG will cost you $59.99 elsewhere, but like the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare offer, GMG's VIP sale gives a strong $12 discount.

Last on the docket? If you pre-order Halo: The Master Chief Collection from Microsoft Store, you'll get pre-order bonuses like $15 worth of Xbox points and guaranteed release day shipping. The caveat? You'll need to complete your purchase before tomorrow at 2 PM Pacific (November 7th).


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