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Co-Op Release Alert for the Week of 11.16.2014
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Co-Op Release Alert for the Week of 11.16.2014


And so we have come to the pinnacle of the fall gaming season; with not one.. not two.. not three... and not even four major game releases this week. There are five. And that's just the co-op games.


Far Cry 4 (PC, PS3, PS4, One, 360) - The cries are still far in the fourth installment of the series. This year's game is set in the Himalayan mountains, a far cry from the islands of the previous games. In terms of co-op there are lots of two player co-op activities, though the campaign still isn't available in its entirety with a friend. On PlayStation if you are looking for a partner, the game comes with codes to give some online buddies so they can join you for just the co-op action. [2 player online co-op]



Dragon Age: Inquisition (PC, 360, One, PS3, PS4) - There's a Monty Python joke in here, but I won't be the one to make it. Bioware's next epic adventure in the Dragon Age universe may be the best yet and this time it comes with an additional four player online co-op mode. Powered by the same engine that powers Battlefield 4 expect plenty of pretty sights, and lots of gorgeous destruction. [4 player online co-op]



Grand Theft Auto V (PS4, One) - The next-gen version of GTA hits the streets today and with it we might finally see the promised cooperative heists. On top of improved graphics there's a new first person mode and lots of additional content to experience. There's always the open world co-op stuff to enjoy as well. [16 player online co-op]



Little Big Planet 3 (PS3, PS4) - The third game in the series contains all the content from the previous two, meaning players should never get bored. The new game features new characters with special abilities making this the most cooperative Little Big Planet to date. [4 player online co-op, 4 player couch co-op]



Super Smash Bros Wii U (Wii U) - SMASH. SMASH. Brothers! Nintendo's most popular game featuring all of the Nintendo characters everyone loves is back and feature lots of modes of play including a handful of two player cooperative modes. [2 player couch co-op]


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