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Farming Simulator to Receive Official Steering Wheel Accessory
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Farming Simulator to Receive Official Steering Wheel Accessory

Mouse and keyboards are for wusses.

Like cooking, tree climbing, skydiving, and naughty things in the bedroom, farming is at its best when done with toys and attachments. A partnership between Saitek and the Farming Simulator folks is about to make virtual farming a touch more like real farming in all the right, non-sweaty ways.

Gamepads do a terrible job simulating a real tractor's steering wheel, as do a mouse and keyboard. Generic steering wheel accessories are made for racing games, and you don't need a brain scientist to tell you those thing handle differently than a tractor. The only sensible solution is to create a dedicated peripheral device perfectly suited for farming. Saitek is currently at work on just such a thing. It seems it won't be around until the 2015 holiday season, but hey, farming requires patience.

Because you know you want to see what it looks like:

The wheel and control panel for Farming Simulator 15 aims for realism. A center sprung steering wheel with 900 degrees of turning along with the a wheel turning knob are exactly what you'd find on the machines in the game. A mini stick on the wheel lets you control your movement when not sitting in the vehicle, buttons allow you to activate your in-game PDA, and gas/brake pedals let you, you know, gas and brake. There's even an exclusive Vehicle Side Panel coming for Farming Simulator 15 which features a front loader control stick to move attachments with programmable buttons. Sweet crop yield of Springfield, that actually sounds fun!