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"Happy Valentine's Day" Says the Steam Co-Op Sale
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"Happy Valentine's Day" Says the Steam Co-Op Sale

Save Together, Play Together

Steam is celebrating this "lovely" holiday the best way it knows how, by discounting games. But not just any set of games are discounted, the focus here are cooperative games - you know ones you can play with your partner...or partners. Perhaps it's going to be a REALLY adventurous Valentine's Day.

We see a few standout titles that are offering a great deal - 

Borderlands 2 is $4.99 (Online Co-Op)

Magicka is just $2.49 (Couch and Online Co-Op)

Chariot is just $10.04 (Couch Co-Op)

Broforce is $11.24 (Couch and Online Co-Op)

Saints Row IV - $4.99 (Online Co-Op)

There's a few dozen other titles on sale, so take a gander. Get some chocolates and wine. And enjoy some video games with the person (or people) you love in your life.

Source: Store.steampowered.com