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Bungie's Involvement in Halo 3 Coming to a Close with ODST
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Bungie's Involvement in Halo 3 Coming to a Close with ODST

Like all good things, sometimes stuff just has to come to an end.  In the latest interview with Videogamer.com, Halo Studio Producer Jason Pace has spilled the beans on Bungie's involvement with Halo, and more specifically the Halo 3 franchise.

In the interview Pace stated that Halo 3 ODST will be Bungie's last involvement in the Halo 3 franchise, and that we should expect any more map packs or campaigns for that game.  ODST will be the complete and total package actually, including ALL available maps from Halo 3 and the DLC.  Thankfully ODST will also include a 4 player co-op campaign that takes place between Halo 2 and Halo 3.

Pace also discusses the upcoming release of Halo Wars, and just exactly how the Halo IP works since Bungie broke away from Microsoft.  From the sound of things, Bungie may be directly involved with any DLC that becomes available for Halo Wars.  Whether that is with the assistance of the ex-Ensemble team or not remains to be seen.

Finally talks of the Halo movie resurface, and it looks like there's still a chance something might happen.

 We haven't committed to anything specific yet so there's nothing I can really talk about at the moment, but certainly you can think of, we're open to any great way to tell the Halo story, whether it's movies or television or multimedia in some other way, that's something we would determine given time and opportunity. We're certainly looking at ways to make the franchise as relevant as possible to the widest number of people.

It's a great read for any Halo fan, it should get you psyched for the upcoming release of Halo Wars!

Source: Videogamer.com