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MMO Co-Opportunities LI: Big Changes A-Coming
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MMO Co-Opportunities LI: Big Changes A-Coming

An expansion on the horizon for GW2 and the subscription cut for ESO

Two of the biggest MMO announcements this past month were the Guild Wars 2 expansion, Heart of Thorns, and Elder Scrolls Online soon to stop its subscription model. This month on MMO Co-Opportunities we take a closer look at both of these announcements.


Guild Wars 2 Unveils First Expansion, Heart of Thorns
The Guild Wars 2 expansion announcement kind of came out of left field, but no doubt it’s very welcome by GW2 players. Heart of Thorns will introduce a ton of new stuff to the game, including the new Revenant profession, Masteries (a post-level-80 PVE progression system), new open world zones, profession specializations, a new PVP mode called Stronghold, a new World vs. World borderland, and Guild Halls. That definitely sounds like a hefty expansion with something for every type of player.

Since Heart of Thorns was so recently announced, only a few of the expansion’s features have been detailed to any degree. The ones that have been highlighted thus far, however, make it clear that Arenanet isn’t planning on just putting out of more of the same. For example, the Heart of Maguuma (the joint term for all the new zones being added in the expansion) is designed to provide more replay value and deeper content than any of the core game’s zones. To accomplish this, new open world concepts such as Outposts and Adventures are being introduced into these new zones.

More information will surely be coming out on Heart of Thorns in the coming months. For now, enjoy the announcement trailer.