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Free DLC Added to Bloodsports.TV
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Free DLC Added to Bloodsports.TV

New mode, new boss, new items

Some new (and more importantly, free) DLC has arrived for Bloodsports.TV this week. Owners of the game should already see this new content added and for those of you waiting to pick it up, now may be a good time.

The DLC adds one new game mode, one new boss, two new maps, and four new items to the title. Breaking all that down, here's what you actually get:

  • Blood Brawl mode - set within smaller arenas, heroes battle waves of enemies in order to survive as long as possible
  • New maps, Bonesand Plateau and The Cage (Blood Brawl arena map)
  • New boss, Homeguard Captain Kikki - found on the new maps
  • New items
    • Salvaged Circuit Board powers the Botjacker 4000 or Super-Duper Nailgun
    • Super-Duper Nailgun increases damage and adds a bleed effect
    • Cosmic Relay buffs nearby allies with Vamp Strike and increased movement speed
    • Vigilante Cape transfer 60% of the damage received to a nearby hero

I'm a fan of Bloodsports.TV and hoped Fatshark would release updates like this to keep things interesting and give it longer legs. The new mode and new maps are a welcome addition, and the new items should provide some interesting new ways to build out a character. I know what I'll be doing this weekend in gaming.