Tales of Symphonia Chronicles

  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players

Tales of Zestiria and Dark Souls III Preview - Page 2

The other game I previewed at the event was Dark Souls III. It looks and plays quite similarly to previous Dark Souls games, but with some modern updates. One of the biggest changes to the gameplay is the introduction of Battle Arts. Battle Arts are a new mechanic that have a set amount of charges (right now, it’s 20 per bonfire rest, but it could be tweaked before release). Whereas the L2 button was previously a parry button in previous Dark Souls games, it is now the Battle Arts button. This button acts as a modifier, which will grant players access to different abilities based on what weapon they are using. For example, greatsword gains access to a lunge attack through using a Battle Arts point. Dark Souls III will also often some more options for ways to build characters. Fans wanted to be able to use bows more often, and Dark Souls III will deliver on that desire: bow will be more able to do damage instead of being relegated to more of a support weapon.

As fans will likely already know, Miyazaki is back as the director for this game (he did not direct Dark Souls II since he was working on Bloodborne. The PR representative informed me that Dark Souls III definitely “feels” more like a Miyazaki game. He described trekking through the game as having the sense of “going through a nation.”

Of course, I had to ask the question that’s probably on everyone’s minds: is there any Bloodborne in Dark Souls III? I was told that while there are some hints of influence (e.g. charge-up attacks and the ability to use a torch), it is very much still true to the Dark Souls series. Don’t expect a new Bloodborne under a Dark Souls name.

While co-op, multiplayer, and player messages are all confirmed for Dark Souls III, no specifics are able to be revealed yet. I’m sure we’ll be receiving more information about them in the coming months. Dark Souls III will be out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC early 2016. It will support co-op, but the exact number and nature are currently a mystery.

That about wraps it up! Hopefully these previews shed some more light on a couple of upcoming games you might be interested in.