A Fistful of Gun

  • Online Co-Op: 9 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 9 Players
Watch a Three Minute Live Action Launch Trailer for A Fistful of Gun
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Watch a Three Minute Live Action Launch Trailer for A Fistful of Gun

Seriously, watch it.

Words cannot describe how surreal, how unnerving, and how entertaining the launch trailer for A Fistful of Gun is. I mean, live action gunslingers standing in the desert wearing huge paper mache heads. What else could you possibly want?!

Ok, assuming you've wide-eyed your way through all 200 or so seconds of the video, how's about a little info about the game? A Fistful of Gun is a recent PC release billed as a bullet hell shmup set in the wild west... with co-op! Up to nine players can join in online or locally to share in the 19th century-style carnage, complete with horses to ride, rivers to forge, trains to hop across, upgrades to purchase, and a special drink-induced special attack that may or may not involve alcohol. (Spoiler: It does.)

The best part about A Fistful of Gun, apart from all that stuff I already said, is that the eleven playable characters have their own unique control schemes. They're not just copy/paste versions of each other with a little tweak to their gun slinging style or walking speed. Sometimes you'll have odd mouse/keyboard combinations to set off your attack, sometimes simple button presses, it all depends on your character and his weapon. Kinda makes the whole thing a thousand times more interesting, doesn't it?

A Fistful of Gun is currently available on Steam. Grab it, grab a ton of friends, and start shooting.