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I can finally make use of that nine-way Best Friends Forever heart I bought at Six Flags.

Gather Your Posse, A Fistful Of Gun Hits September 24th

Of all the settings (both real and fictional) to justify the use of the terms "Bullet Hell" and "Shoot Em Up", I'd say the Wild West ranks pretty high.  Though A Fistful of Gun doesn't seem to map directly onto either of those genres, its combination of the two makes me wonder if there's even another contender for "Most Viable Setting".  Of course, these types of games have begun flooding the market as of late, so what makes AFoG so enticing?

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When Diplomacy Fails, You Can Always Rebel.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Co-Op Review

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion is the stand alone expansion to the real time strategy behemoth that debuted in early 2008. Rebellion brings an immense amount of content to the award winning game and is the perfect starting point for new players in the Sins universe since it contains everything from the Sins universe up until this point. Rebellion comes in at a perfect time to inject some life back into Sins and jettison pilots new and old into one of the best strategy games of its time.

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