Sword Coast Legends

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Let's Play Sword Coast Legends with Developer n-Space
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Let's Play Sword Coast Legends with Developer n-Space

Enoch and Nick RPG so hard.

Sword Coast Legends is out in just a few days on PC, the D&D based game is a classic RPG in every sense. But there's something Sword Coast Legends offers that we haven't seen to this level before, and that's the ability to have a live DM play alongside a party of four players. 

The DM is capable of adjusting just about anything in the world, telling a carefully crafted story to the players of their choosing and asking players to roll to decide certain in game events. Player driven content is going to be a huge piece of Sword Coast Legends alongside it's meaty single player campaign making this one of the largest games content-wise we've likely ever seen. 

Last week we jumped into a custom campaign written by n-Space Community Manager Ash Sevilla. You can see the outcome of that below in our stream re-cap.


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