• Online Co-Op: 4 Players
Explore Countless Worlds in Boundless
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Explore Countless Worlds in Boundless

Massive sandbox title for PC and PS4

It's Paris Games Week (because every city needs a games conference now) and Sony is there showing off some already announced titles, as well as a few new ones. Like Wonderstrucks' new IP, Boundless. From what little they showed off, it looks like a sandbox adventure game in a similar vein as Minecraft or Starbound.

Aside from the preview trailer (see below), there aren't a whole lot of details about what all the action of the game entails. The developers put up a post on the European PS Blog that talks a little about things here and there, but those are more broad strokes than minute-to-minute gameplay. Still, there are a couple of ideas, like the massive Titan from which you can harvest resources and being able to transition to new worlds via portals, that look interesting enough to make it stand out from other titles in this genre. It also appears the game will pull in mechanics from some MMOs, like EVE Online, where you can do more than just build voxel contraptions; you can become a merchant or a craftsman-for-hire.

This is a breakdown of some of the highlighted features/mechanics:

  • Hunt for creatures in dangerous areas and sell the rare loot and materials you find to non-combative citizens
  • Offer your services as a master-builder to other citizens and do honest work for coin
  • Collect the weirdest creatures from across the universe and open a space zoo (!), then charge citizens coin to visit
  • Create amazing sandbox contraptions like people cannons and hyper-efficient crafting machines, and then sell copies of the blueprints to other players so they can create them too
  • Collect the most valuable and rarest resources from across the universe and open a shop that citizens will flock to
  • Open a Portal hub, connecting your world to distant worlds across the universe and allow citizens to travel, for a fee of course
  • Become a Boundless real estate agent, by searching for and claiming the coolest plots of land and then selling them to other players for coin
  • Craft the coolest wearables, the tint them to perfection and open a boutique fashion store

As with many of these types of games, you can team up with friends to build and destroy. No firm details about the co-op, but it appears that at least four player co-op is supported. While the title is a PlayStation 4 console exclusive, it will also be released on PC and will allow for cross-platform play between the two.