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F.A.L.C.O. E13: Don't Starve The Zombies
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F.A.L.C.O. E13: Don't Starve The Zombies

Don't Starve Together and Dead Island Riptide Were Awesome

When the planets align just right, and the kids get to bed on time, the Friday Awesomely Live Co-Op crew wind up with a bunch of extra gaming time. A few weekends ago, we had an opportunity to try Don't Starve Together during a free weekend thanks to Steam, and we even had time to continue our Dead Island Riptide campaign. While Don't Starve Together wasn't exactly our cup o' tea, we did have a few laughs while we slowly died of insanity. Those shadow monsters are jerks! Check out the video below.

Once Baldy was done deleting Don't Starve Together, we jumped back into Dead Island Riptide. This game has been a consistent joy to play with Baldy and Bobby. It's such a perfect blend of a shooter, RPG, and zombie gore-fest to keep the three of us smiling. We finished off Chapter 5 (Stalwart Defense), powered through Chapter 6 (The Tunnels), and dipped into Chapter 7 (The Crossing).

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