Rocket League

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
Rocket League Blazes Onto Xbox One In Febuary
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Rocket League Blazes Onto Xbox One In Febuary

A few Xbox-themed goodies spice up the deal.

Every sport in the world is improved once you add flying cars to it. Even that weird Canadian one where they sweep the ice really quickly to guide a big rock. Just imagine if a minivan wearing a giant sombrero and shooting money out of its exhaust laid waste to their carefully swept plans, and shot that rock back across the ice. Then an airhorn sounds, the rock goes nova, and that minivan flies back into the jubilant crowd. See? I'm not wrong.

Xbox One owners have been missing a critical piece of software since July. Rocket League is finally making its way to Microsoft's platform with the help of the ID@Xbox self-publishing program sometime this February, for $19.99. Developer Psyonix has fully optimized the game for Xbox One, and plans to keep it up to date with all of the features and modes of the PS4, including all three DLC packs ("Supersonic Fury," "Revenge of the Battle-Cars," and "Chaos Run") free of charge. Of course, there are also a few extras for fans of Xbox classics.

Behold: the Gears of War Armadillo!

Recreate your favorite GoW memories as you center the ball for your buddy, only to have a truck destroy him without warning. Well, maybe you've got no attachment to the Gears of War universe. Okay, I understand. You need something a little sleeker. Also something packing firepower.

BAM: Here's the Halo Hogsticker.

Yes, that is a turret. No, you cannot fire it. Even in a game where cars meet soccer, that would be un-sporting.

While long in the hands of PS4 and Steam users alike, Rocket League finally opens up to an entirely new audience. You and three buddies can make a team and compete against bots for season after season of futuristic vehicle football, or try your luck online. We really enjoyed what we've played of it. We hope you do, too.