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New Dark Souls 3 Screens are Looking Pretty Good
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New Dark Souls 3 Screens are Looking Pretty Good

File names also make for good death metal lyrics

FromSoftware and Namco Bandai have released the latest batch of screens/art for Dark Souls 3, and they're all looking good. I'm getting pretty excited for all of this winter to go away and spring to get here already so I can dive into this game and get mercilessly killed over and over. I really mean that.

One quick note for anyone who is particular about foreknowledge of the game, there is some information about the names of characters and locations in the world revealed in the rest of this news post and in the file names of the images themselves. You have been warned.

The screens and art pieces reveal a couple of new characters to the Souls mythos, including Iudex Gundyr and Hawkwood, as well as a new location, the Untended Graves. It appears that players will start their journey their and make their way to the Firelink Shrine, from whence the REAL Dark Souls will begin.

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