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Demigod Developer Walk Through Video
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Demigod Developer Walk Through Video

You've read the interview, you've seen the screens - now watch the walk through!  Gas Powered Games has released a short walk through of Demigod with the game's producer Brad Wardell.

The video does a good job of explaining how the different Demigods in the game have completely unique playstyles in both abilities and how the game actually functions.  While the walk through shows a "general" Demigod, which has the game playing more like an RTS; there are other Demigods that allow you to play the game a bit closer to an Action RPG.  

It seems the trend is continuing with RTS games getting away from resource gathering and management in favor of action oriented goal based resources.  Games like Dawn of War 2 and Halo Wars exhibit this really well.

Unfortunately the video doesn't show off any co-op play through the game's tournament mode, so we might have to wait for the next one. 


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