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Three New Friday The 13th Videos Emerge From The Pits Of Hell
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Three New Friday The 13th Videos Emerge From The Pits Of Hell

Probably because some inexplicably stupid teenager thought they could teach them to love.

Much like its titular antagonist, Friday the 13th videos just keep on comin'.  Granted, they haven't been resurrected from the grave by folks of questionable intelligence, but they certainly don't show any signs of slowing down.

Close to a month ago, a couple of bloody gameplay trailers were left at our doorstep just begging to be watched.  So naturally, we did what any rational human would do and watched Jason Voorhees slam a poor, nature-enthused teenager's head with a door.  Over and over.  You'd think that, at some point, even the rumors of what happens to people camping at Crystal Lake would be vulgar enough that the US military would just close the campground off as a permanent testing ground for Agent Orange, but it would seem people literally never learn.

First on the list is a video from Tom McLoughlin, who you may know as the guy who wrote one of the few Friday movies to achieve any modicum of critical success, Part VI: Jason Lives.  He's got a very special announcement for us Crystal...heads.

As those following Friday the 13th's development probably know, longtime Friday composer Harry Manfredini will be lending his slasher-scoring expertise to the game.  This next video shows off a little more of what he has in store for the hapless campers.

Like many of you, my first thought upon seeing the many ways the game's protagonists could die was, "I certainly hope they didn't have to crush an actual person's skull to pull off that level of detail."  Thankfully, this next behind-the-scenes video from PAX East hopes to answer that question.  I'm still not totally convinced that some poor mo-capper didn't end up on the wrong side of a machete, though.

Still no word on a release date for Friday the 13th and its forthcoming co-op gameplay, but Gun Media continues to aim for a fitting October 2016 window.  Stay tuned for more equally gory previews 'til then.