• Online Co-Op: 3 Players
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KingsRoad Co-Op Gameplay On Any Platform
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KingsRoad Co-Op Gameplay On Any Platform

The long and winding road.

Its been sometime since we've talked about KingsRoad. The game launched early last year on iPad after being available on PC for quite sometime as a free to play browser game. Recently Mike discovered the game is fully available on IOS and Android with full cross platform co-op play with the PC. Sweet.

So we checked it out. 

Here's our overview video from a quick stream - as you can see, the game is chocked full of content at this point. There's tons to do (and buy) and lots to keep you coming back everyday for quick sessions on your bus ride to work or marathon session on your PC during a lunch break. It's good to see the game still kicking 3 years later!