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Enjoy Some Match Three Action in Castles on Xbox One
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Enjoy Some Match Three Action in Castles on Xbox One

Push three ladder blocks, whadda ya get?

Whootgames' block pushing/matching game, Castles, is now available on the Xbox One for $4.99. The title has already been out for a year on the PC, and for a few months now on the PlayStation 4, but all you Xbox One owners can now finally enjoy this charming little game with a friend.

Castles features three modes: Story, Survival, and Competitive. All modes support two players locally, though the Story and Survival modes are the the only two that are cooperative. The main goal throughout each of the 50 Story levels is to match up blocks with the same icon on them in order to gather up construction tools and materials so you can build the tallest tower in the kingdom. Once you feel comfortable with the controls and gameplay, test your skills in Survival to last as long as you can.

Castles is available on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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