Talent Not Included

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Talent Not Included Coming to Xbox One in 2017
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Talent Not Included Coming to Xbox One in 2017

Moving the game's couch co-op to the actual couch

Frima's Talent Not Included will see an Xbox One release next sometime next year. The action-platformer tasks players with clearing the challenges of each "Act," i.e., level, to try and get the highest score possible.

I had mixed feelings about the game and didn't feel its co-op was all that strong, but certainly the game will look pretty good (and be easier to play with a friend) on a big TV. I mean, even the devs seemed to recognize that a couch is better for "couch co-op."

What would two people need to fight an enemy together? What’s missing in the game? What isn’t an armchair, but almost? To all these questions, we found one answer: a couch. The PC is an awesome platform, don’t get us wrong. But… who sits on a couch when gaming on a PC?

The solution seemed obvious: the game needed to be ported to Xbox One. A big TV screen, a controller for everyone, a good old couch, and voilà! Zordok, Derp and Kevin better watch out, because, as the unknown saying goes, "Well seated are the victorious."

Talent Not Included will arrive on the Xbox One in early 2017 and will retail for $12.99.