Guitar Hero Greatest Hits

    We've Got Guitar Hero Greatest Hits Screens, Trailer
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    We've Got Guitar Hero Greatest Hits Screens, Trailer

    Ok folks, we've got the goods about the latest iteration of RedOctane's storied franchise, Guitar Hero Greatest Hits.  We covered the announcement of this game earlier, and with a hefty dose of cynicism, I might add.  We have, for your viewing pleasure, a gallery and the latest trailer for the game.

    I've got to say, I may reconsider my stance on this game.  There are many songs from the original Guitar Hero that are unavailable as GH2 DLC that I'd really like to have again.  And I never did get to play GH Rocks the 80s, as I had swapped to the Xbox 360 before it was released.  Plus, having the vocals and drums along for the ride would be a nice bonus.  

    I feel like I have Bobby Kotick on my shoulder, whispering into my ear like a little devil in those old cartoons...  Read on to see the trailer, from our very own Youtube channel.