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Dead Island Definitive Collection

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
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Dead Island Definitive Edition Gets Co-Op Stability Patch
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Dead Island Definitive Edition Gets Co-Op Stability Patch

No more will you punch a zombie, only to find out you were really slamming your head into a wall forty feet away.

There are plenty of times where network stability is crucial, but none moreso than when a dozen zombies are bearing down on you, and your online ally is the only thing standing between them and your soft, succulent brain matter.  Unfortunately, Dead Island Definitive Edition hasn't been up to snuff in the network stability department since it launched earlier this year.

The game's most recent patch hopes to clear all those problems out, though, as the folks over at Techland continue to support their remastered zombie brawler.  Alongside the improved co-op network stability, the patch includes the following items:

  • Added missing mods/weapons/blueprints (BBQ, Exploding Meat, Ripper) 
  • Proper loot and updated item placement for important items (like collectibles) 
  • Removed the metallic blood effect 
  • Resolved audio issue with sound stuttering and adjusted level of co-op player sounds 
  • Ferry mission crash bug fixed

Hopefully, this means we can all enjoy the game's four player online co-op without interruption.  If you're interested in punching a few zombies for yourself, Dead Island Definitive Edition is out now on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.