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Trailer Out For Sniper Elite 4's "Target: Fuhrer" DLC
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Trailer Out For Sniper Elite 4's "Target: Fuhrer" DLC

Hitler just can't seem to not get sniped.

Ah, and so we're back in the comforting arms of the Sniper Elite series.  2016 has been quite the interesting year, but it's nice to return to a place of familiarity, a place where you've once again been handed a sniper rifle and tasked with eliminating high-profile individuals within the Nazi, Zombie, or Nazi Zombie community.

Sniper Elite 4 isn't due out 'til next year (February 14th, specifically), but there's already a bit of DLC announced for the latest stealthy-sniper entry.  "Target: Fuhrer", which will be available on release day and free for those who've pre-ordered the game, drops the player into a coastal facility with the goal of assassinating the admiral in charge of the joint.  Well, next thing you know, Sniper Elite 4 plays the "Oh whoops, your target's been murdered by Hitler" card, and all of a sudden, you're on the hunt for lil' Adolf himself.  For a glimpse of the scenery and all those hapless Nazis you'll have to either avoid or "send to the farm upstate", check out the trailer below.


Sniper Elite 4 will feature two player online co-op when it drops on Valentine's Day, and really, I can't think of a better way to spend time with your dearest than to cooperatively hand-deliver an express order of Democracy straight into the Fuhrer's torso.  Just something to think about, you know?