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Guess What? The Flock Achievements Have Been Revealed!
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Guess What? The Flock Achievements Have Been Revealed!

I am totally in love with this game, and it hasn't even been released yet!  Flock... it's a video game news editor's dream.  Not only is the title itself ripe for puns, but it features livestock and spaceships, both deep wells of bad joke material.  Now, the achievements have been released.  I won't pull the wool over your eyes: they are funny, and in a real baaaaaad way.  Let me steer you over to the list; I think you'll find it quite moooooving.  Here are my favorites, surely worthy of a blue ribbon at the state fair.

GOOD SHEPHERD - Flock 25 Animals At Once.  (That's impressive, folks, even for an inbred hillbilly with 11 toes.)

LUMBERJACK THE RIPPER - Rip Up 50 Trees.  (Bonus points if you dress in womens' clothing and hang around in bars.) 

FERTILIZER - Make 50 Piles of Poo.  (Is that in one, uh... SITting?)

DON'T FENCE ME IN - Knock Over 50 Fences With A Cow.  (Does it have to be the same cow?  Seems like it'd be hamburger after the first 30...)

UNIDENTIFIED FLOCKING OBJECT - Abduct 20 Animals.  (Mike, I have an idea for a T-Shirt design...)

Stick around for a new trailer of the game in action...


Off the Beaten Path Trailer

Source: Xbox360achievements.org

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