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Goat Simulator's "Waste Of Space" DLC Out Now On PS4
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Goat Simulator's "Waste Of Space" DLC Out Now On PS4

In space, no one can hear you bleat.

At long last, PlayStation 4 users can experience man's greatest achievement:  sending goats to space.  Soon, they can bounce their virtual hooves around in low-grav environments, eat space trash, and just experience the things that typically happen when you put goats in atmospheres without oxygen.

Goat Simulator's "Waste of Space" DLC is out on PlayStation 4 today, and the folks at Sony were kind enough to offer up of its highlights, as well as a trailer:

  • Crowdfund a space colony and get other people to pay for it and do all the work!
  • Endless space full of planets to visit. But seriously it would take forever to go there so why bother? There is one planet nearby, though. Go to that one.
  • Fly and shoot stuff in space, because nobody makes games about flying and shooting in space anymore.
  • Learn how to be a real bridge commander!
  • The biggest map in goat simulator history, filled to the brim with exclusive content.

Goat Simulator's two player local co-op is the perfect chance for you and a partner to really cut loose and goat out.  At this point, it's out on just about every available platform, so it's worth at least taking a look at.