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First DLC for Ghost Recon Wildlands Available for Season Pass Holders
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First DLC for Ghost Recon Wildlands Available for Season Pass Holders

Goes on sale for everyone else next week

If you haven't had enough narco-state busting, then good news! Some DLC for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands dropped this week for all season pass holders, and it'll be available to buy individually for everyone else next Tuesday.

The DLC, titled "Narco Road," weirdly doesn't continue with your character's progress from the main game. Instead, you're given a new character that's set to level 20 and set loose to tackle the 15 new missions. The reason for this kind of reset appears due to the shift in your employer. Rather than being part of an elite military strike team, you're now a mercenary working for the Santa Blanca cartel. You'll have to impress some smuggling gangs to get them on your side (apparently by doing sick stunts in cars/bikes/planes), while also battling a rival cartel.

Here's everything included in "Narco Road":

  • NEW MISSIONS & CHALLENGES - Tackle more than 15 new campaign missions and challenges including jumps to drifts and motorbike trials using your new vehicles
  • NEW BOSSES & STRUCTURE: INCREASE YOUR NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS! - Meet three new charismatic bosses and gain enough fame and followers to earn their trust and make your way up to El Invisible
  • NEW VEHICLES & FEATURES - Speed through Bolivia in four new types of vehicles. You’ll also be able to find some special vehicles equipped with surprises of their own. All of these new vehicles have new handling specificities and require new driving skills
  • NEW COSTUMES & WEAPONS - Get into the flashy narco life right from the start with four new exclusive outfits and nine exclusive weapons that will allow you to blend in

"Narco Road" is available now for all Ghost Recon Wildlands season pass holders on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It'll be available to everyone next Tuesday, April 25, for $14.99.