Sniper Elite 4

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
  • + Co-Op Modes
Latest Sniper Elite 4 Update Contains New Survival Map
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Latest Sniper Elite 4 Update Contains New Survival Map

Hope you like snow angels.

Behold, ye Elite Snipers, a new map for you to grace with your all-seeing, all-sniping presence.  Gaze upon the waves of enemy soldiers and their pitifully vulnerable groins and faces, and rejoice.

Sniper Elite 4 has a new update out, and with it came Winter Market, a never-before-seen survival map.  The challenge here, as it is in most of the survival maps, is a lack of complete oversight of the environment.  Blind spots and chest-high cover run amok here, so you have to be extra aware of your environment before deciding on a new sniper's nest.

Of course, you may be asking yourself, "Just why would I want to drag myself through the new map's twelve grueling rounds of combat?"  Easy!  In the case that you conquer all that the snowy battleground has to offer, you'll earn a brand new set of winter attire for the main character, Karl Fairbourne.  Who wouldn't want to force their virtual avatar to trudge through the campaign in a coat that weighs as much as a Border Collie?

As always, the game features online co-op for two players, so maybe the two of you can combine coats to create an extra warm, extra deadly mega-sniper.