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Flash Point Fire Rescue Looking to Become Digital
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Flash Point Fire Rescue Looking to Become Digital

Things are heading up for this co-op board game

The critically acclaimed board game Flash Point: Fire Rescue is looking to make the leap from cardboard to digital via the crowdfunding platform Fig. Developer RetroEpic along with board game publisher Indie Boards and Cards are coming together to move the firefighting strategy game to the PC and mobile space. 

For an overview and review of the game, refresh your memory using our wonderful editorial of Flash Point: Fire Rescue to get our thoughts on the game. For those of you who don't want to click the handy link; the goal of the game is to rescue people from a burning building, battling through flaming hazards as a squad of specialized fire fighters. For a better visual idea, the trailer does a great job: 

My own copy of the game gets used quite often as it is a well designed board game, with a unique theme. The turn based strategy will translate well to digital as the mechanics are easy to pick up and there is a lot of replay value - especially with the ability to create new boards (environments) and add them to the game. It is looking to be a faithful recreation of the board game, with one of the stretch goals being a Story Mode. 

Board games have been making the digital leap for a number of years and are often a better solution for people who enjoy board games, but don't have a local group to play with. If you love the board game, or want to get your hands on an early copy - you can back it over at the Fig Flash Point: Fire Rescue campaign