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My god, it's full of co-op

Co-op Sci-Fi Strategy Game 'The Captain is Dead' Gets a Major Steam Upgrade

Manning a starship across the uncharted reaches of space would be dangerous business, as over 50 years of Star Trek have shown us. Alien invaders, equipment malfunctions, and all manner of duties are perfect fodder for a cooperative game, however. The Captain is Dead, a videogame adaptation of a popular co-op board game that launched early this year deals with all those problems and more. And thanks to a major update this week, the game's version of space travel has just become even more vast and engaging.

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A successful Kickstarter for a board game version of the popular zombie title

Enjoy Resident Evil 2 Coming to a Tabletop Near You

Steamforged Games, the designers behind the interesting but cooperative Dark Souls: The Board Game and Dark Souls: The Card Game, have set their sites on a new franchise: Resident Evil. While there are still 25 days to go on the Kickstarter campaignResident Evil 2 - The Board Game has already reached (and exceeded) it's goal of $200,639.

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Cooperate to solve a murder mystery in this digital adaptation of a board game

Mysterium Co-Op Review

Designer board games are getting quite popular these days, to the point where we’re starting to see quality digital adaptations of them. Though co-op board games are a popular genre (check out Marc’s Tabletop Co-op series), surprisingly few of these games have been adapted from their cardboard forms. Mysterium bucks this trend, being a ...

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Tabletop Co-Op: Dead of Winter

If you are anything like me, you are approaching the level of burnout with zombie themed games. From board games to video games to comics and TV, zombies are literally everywhere. There are several co-op board games featuring zombies, including three we have already covered in this column: Zombies Keep Out!, Dead Panic, and Zombicide. What does Dea...

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Now's your chance to test-ah, who am I kidding? You're gonna die.

Temple of Elemental Evil Co-op Board Game Out Now

For many of the human sub-species known as "Grognards", the classic "Temple of Elemental Evil" module was their first opportunity to get a taste of the excitement, hilarity, and pure death that Dungeons and Dragons had to offer.  For those of us who were too young for such an opportunity, WizKids is offering a chance to revisit the horrors surrounding the village of Hommlet in their latest board game, "The Temple of Elemental Evil".

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