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Bioshock 2's Co-Op Was Just a Dream
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Bioshock 2's Co-Op Was Just a Dream

Boy has the Internet been noisy with debates about the announcement that Bioshock 2 would feature co-op. The rumor started from a supposed Game Informer article, and while the article was real, the internet made up the misinformation and it quickly spread.  

Based on what folks read there were numerous mixed reactions.  Is this be a good addition to the series? Is it a bad addition to the series? How would co-op even work in this situation? What is this Big Sister thing? Oh wait, that last one is unrelated.

Well, now this debate will look pretty pointless. Developer 2K Boston spent some time debunking rumors around Bioshock 2 on the Cult of Rapture website, briefly mentioning the co-op.

"I will let you know that there won’t be any spliced-up rhinos, Soviet invasions, or co-op, but you may very well see a Big Daddy or two.”

Director Jordan Thomas reiterated that sentiment by telling Game Informer:

"Single-player is obviously BioShock's legacy, and it's extremely important to us."

Laying the Co-op rumor to rest, I'm still curious what Co-optimus thinks. I've expressed my thoughts on horror with a friend, now it's your turn! How would Bioshock 2 have changed in your mind, had it supported co-op as initially promised?

Source: Escapistmagazine.com