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by Sam Tyler 0
  • playstation 3
Is Sackboy coming back?

Little Big Rumor: Little Big Planet 3

Rumor, conjecture, flimflam.  The internet is full of it and as a rule Co-Optimus tries to rise above; unless it mentions a sequel to the top LittleBigPlanet series.  Few games on the PS3 were able to combine fun and imagination better than this 4 player co-op platformer.  Sheffield (that's in Britain) based developers Sumo Digital are said to be creating the latest Sackboy adventure.

by Locke Vincent 6

A Dragon Age 3 Survey Appears! Asks If People Want Co-Op

Speculation has been surrounding a Dragon Age 3 survey that popped up on the internet last week, which reveals a couple interesting pieces of information about the design of the next fantasy Bioware title. Most interesting for us and co-op fans alike, there was a question that asked if people wanted to see co-op in the game. Dragons? Wizards? Co-Op? Yes please...

by Sam Tyler 1
  • pc
Classic PC shooter is returning and should have the integrated Co-op of yore

Rise of the Triad Remake to Ascend onto PC

Before days of broadband, even before the days of decent modems, I would play PC games such as Rise of the Triad in co-op.  How, you may ask?  I would get my parents to drive my PC and I to a mate’s house and connect computers using serial cables – old school.  Thankfully, Rise is entering the realms of 2012/13 with the announcement of a PC remake.

by Sam Tyler 9
  • online
Sony mistakingly droped some Mass Effect 3 DLC info and we grabbed it

Mass Effect 3 DLC Info Shepherded In

If the internet were a bucket, it would be a incredibly leaky one.  The latest leak comes via Sony Hong Kong who mistakenly revealed details on the upcoming Mass Effect 3 DLC before promptly removing it.  However, this being 2012 someone was able to grab the information first.  Kotuku inform us that the DLC will involve an expansion in the multiplayer universe and not the single player.  Check out Read More for the lowdown.

by Sam Tyler 4
The latest rumors suggest that Dead Space 3 can be played in co-op

Dead Space 3 Drops In/Out Co-Op - Rumor Control

There have been some single player only heavy hitters this generation, but if rumors are to be believed, they are falling like skittles in the world’s easiest game of bowling.  Assassins Creed 3 has apparently succumbed to the charms of co-op, so what game is next?  Dead Space 3!  An IGN source has come out with some freakin' sweet rumors, the latest outing for the action horror game will have drop in/drop out co-op!

by Sam Tyler 3
  • playstation 3
Amazon France has let slip that a Resistance trilogy is on the way

Futile, I Think Not - Resistance Trilogy Pack Revealed

Zut alors!  It appears that no matter which nation Amazon exists in, they always manage to leak information about forthcoming games.  The latest Amazonian culprit is Amazon France.  They have revealed that Sony plan to produce a pack containing all three Resistance games on May 16th.  Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2 and Resistance 3 all contained co-op modes.

by Sam Tyler 4
An image suggests that 2nd May will be a big day for fans of Call of Duty

Rumor Explosion! Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Reveal Date Leaked?

Whilst the likes of Microsoft may not comment on rumour and speculation, we at Co-Optimus sure do.  In fact, if it were possible I would liquidize all gaming rumors and shower in their gossipy goodness every morning.  With that imagine stained upon your cerebral cortex let me hit you with the latest mega rumor.  According to a leaked image provided via Kotaku, Call of Duty: Black Ops will be revealed May 2nd - juicy!

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