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Iron Crypticle

  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Iron Crypticle Out Today on PlayStation 4
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Iron Crypticle Out Today on PlayStation 4

Tomorrow for Xbox One and PC

Gauntlet and Smash TV fans, rejoice! A new twin-stick shooter that draws inspiration from both of those titles has arrived today in the form of Iron Crypticle. This new game from Confused Pelican Games and Tikipod has a decidedly retro look and feel that makes me wish the arcade industry hadn't all but died out.

Iron Crypticle allows up to four players to team up locally to rescue the princess from a "mysterious, malevolent force," and win back the kingdom's treasure. Each player controls his/her own knight and can pick up coins to use in between levels to buy useful items, as well as gobble up food to earn experience and upgrade their abilities.

Iron Crypticle is out today for the PlayStation 4, and out tomorrow for the Xbox One and PC.