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Armored Warfare

  • Online Co-Op: 5 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
Armored Warfare PS4 Giveaway
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Armored Warfare PS4 Giveaway

Boom goes the tank.

Armored Warfare has just hit early access on PlayStation 4 and to celebrate we've got a handful of codes to give you some bountiful goodies for the game. Up for grabs are 20 codes - with your chance to win one.

Armored Warfare is a tank based free to play combat game that features PvP and Co-Op play. Here's some info on the game's  co-op mode.

Team up with friends to carry out the most difficult missions sent down to you from Command. These missions will differ depending on the vehicle selected. Only well-coordinated squads will be able to outwit the enemy! The enemy's superior forces, controlled by artificial intelligence, will present a serious challenge as you fight for victory.

Information on  Giveaway Packs

Rookie Pack Info:

- 1.000.000 Credits
- 1,500 Gold
- 3 days of Premium time
- Founder’s Pack exclusive Object 430 ICE Tier 3 Premium Main Battle Tank

Legendary Pack Info:

- 2.000.000 Credits
- 2,000 Gold
- 7 days of Premium Time
- Two Founder’s Pack-exclusive Premium vehicles – Object 430 ICE Tier 3 Main Battle Tank and OF-40 ICE Tier 4 Main Battle Tank

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