Crime Boss: Rockay City

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
Crime Boss: Rockay City Prize Winners Announced by Co-Optimus
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Crime Boss: Rockay City Prize Winners Announced by Co-Optimus

Many readers entered the arena, but only ten emerged with prizes.

Slowly but surely, Crime Boss: Rockay City from 505 Games has built a reputation as one of the best PAYDAY-style heist games around. Teaming up with friends to do crimes the safe way (in video game form) is a whole lot of fun. Crime Boss: Rockay City has just launched on Steam, so we're celebrating with a big giveaway! Ten copies of the game are up for grabs. Step up and try your luck, readers. Update: The contest has ended and winners have been announced.

Steam Release

Crime Boss: Rockay City is a PAYDAY-style cooperative heist game with roguelike elements. Not only is the game launching at $20 on Steam (actually $15.99 thanks to the launch week discount), but all existing DLCs are free during the first month after launch. Read our full co-op review to learn what makes this game such a steal!

Crime Boss: Rockay City sells for $19.99 on Steam and $39.99 on Xbox Series S|XPlayStation 5, and Epic. The Steam version is fully Steam Deck compatible.

Winners List

Crime Boss: Rockay City Steam

We had ten Steam codes for Crime Boss: Rockay City to give away. The contest ran from June 18-23, 2023. The following people won a Steam copy of the game:

  • Tavian T.
  • Andrea
  • SirKhalid
  • Galadrius
  • D4RK
  • FilmGamer
  • Tonelica
  • bxlatinoheat
  • Camp Nguyen
  • Thyrennia13

Congratulations! Thanks to everyone who participated.