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Games With Gold March 2018
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Games With Gold March 2018

Super Hot Titles To Finish Off The Winter

Microsoft has given their Gold members word on what their next month of free games will be, with four more games coming over the course of March. Unfortunately, Brave (based on the Pixar film but not as well received, critically, as the film) is the only game that features Co-Op, but for the low low price of free, it’s worth picking up.

For the other games, Super Hot, Trials of the Blood Dragon, and Quantum Conundrum are all free. Further, both Brave and Quantum Conundrum are available for Xbox 360 and with this they are also becoming Backwards Compatible on Xbox One. So no matter if you’re playing in the current generation or generations past, you can have some Pixar-fueled Co-Op fun.

Will you be playing the games this month, or has cabin fever got the best of you and you just want to be outside in the coming spring weather? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Majornelson.com