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Sumo Gamer Bean Bags 50% Off, Impressions
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Sumo Gamer Bean Bags 50% Off, Impressions

We put our butt on the beans to give you some impressions

The folks at Sumo Lounge have been longtime partners of this site, providing many staff members over the years a chance to try out their premium line of bean bag chairs. These aren't the kind of "beans" you'll find at your local Target, instead they are built with quality furniture foam like that found in your living room couches. Because of this the chair will last for years and rarely loose it's fill, meaning your backside can be parked in them for those long gaming sessions.

Sumo sent over one of their Gamer chairs, normally priced at $450 it's on sales right now for $219. To be clear, these are BIG chairs. Once fully expanded it should measure around four feet by four feet by a height just under three feet. But for a chair that size, how the heck do they ship it? Vacuum packing!

As you can see, you're looking at a 2x2x2 box which contains an even smaller nylon packaged chair. Unzip the inside, wrap it in the cover, and start to break apart the foam with your hands. It's like kneading some bread dough!

The guts of the Sumo!

And then...


At this point the Sumo just needs to breath for a few days as the foam slowly expands. I had to toss mine around a few more times just to break up some of the missed chunks. Here's out it looked after four days of expansion.

I finally sat my butt in it and...ahhh. Comfy. This makes a great addition to any living space because it's easily portable, letting the person sitting in it move with ease to optimal viewing and playing. This is actually my second Sumo, the first one lasted me well over eight years, and even survived a move. The only reason we got rid of it was because of some water damage from it being in a moist unfinished basement at the time. The good thing is, the covers are washable, just unzip and it'll be clean in no time.