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by Nick Puleo 0
We put our butt on the beans to give you some impressions

Sumo Gamer Bean Bags 50% Off, Impressions

The folks at Sumo Lounge have been longtime partners of this site, providing many staff members over the years a chance to try out their premium line of bean bag chairs. These aren't the kind of "beans" you'll find at your local Target, instead they are built with quality furniture foam like that found in your living room couches. Because of this the chair will last for years and rarely loose it's fill, meaning your backside can be parked in them for those long gaming sessions.

by Mike Katsufrakis 0
Lounge anywhere. On air.

Sumo Air Impressions

Gather round friends, for it's time to check out another offering from the lounge scientists at Sumo. We recently received a test unit for the new Sumo Air, which is an inflatable offering, instead of their traditional beanbag lounge. As a chronically lazy person, I am always willing to flop onto something comfortable and report my findings. After using it in my living room, and at two outdoor events, I shall present my impressions.

by Mike Katsufrakis 0
Treat yourself to comfort, fend off children and pets

Sumo Sultan Impressions

Sometimes writing about games gives you the opportunity to write about other things. We regularly receive PC and console peripherals, and we've racked up quite a few headphone reviews over the years, but furniture? That's new to me. Recently, the folks at Sumo sent Co-Optimus HQ their Sultan, a large, stylish beanbag chair meant to be the ultimate place to relax in your home while you game, watch TV, or generally be as slothful as possible. I've had it for about two weeks now, and have put it through just about all the paces.

by Nick Puleo 0
Or beach. Or camping. Or lovin.

Sumo Omni Reloaded is your Flexible Gaming Chair

Sumo is a brand of furniture that's been around now for almost ten years. They are famous for their line of giant bean bag chairs. We've looked at both their Couple and Emperor lineup, and it's easy to see how a giant overstuffed "bean bag" chair could make a nice addition to your gaming room. These aren't the kind of bean bag chairs you'd find in Wal-Mart, they are quality pieces of furniture made with furniture grade stuffing. Today we're looking at their latest product, one of the few that isn't a bag style chair. It's called the Sumo Omni Reloaded and the idea behind it is versatility.

by Andrew Gaskill 4
Serious comfort

Sumo Emperor Impressions

The kind folks at Sumo offered to send Co-Optimus one of their giant bean bag chairs for a review. I’m an expert in leisure, so I nominated myself for the job. We've already covered the Sumo Couple, a chair designed for two, but up this time to check out was the Sumo Emperor.  I’ll admit I was disappointed when I first laid eyes on the Emperor. It wasn’t the chair itself, but the box it came in.

by Marc Allie 12
Say goodbye to couch co-op.

Sumo Couple Co-Op Review

We don't often do reviews for anything but games here at Co-Optimus. Sure, we cover new game systems when they are released, and the occasional accessory like a headset or keyboard. When Nick asked me if I'd be interested in doing a review for a bean bag, I was certainly surprised, but definitely interested. The kind folks at Sumo sent the perfect model for a site dedicated to co-op gaming: the Couple, with room for two.

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