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Latest Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Patch Makes Things A Bit Easier
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Latest Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Patch Makes Things A Bit Easier

No better time to hop in and kill some rats

At the end of last week, Fatshark released an update for their rat exterminator simulator, Warhammer: Vermintide 2, that addressed one of the bigger concerns: the sudden difficulty spikes. There are a number of tweaks and changes within Patch 1.0.5, but the big ones are to each of the main characters and the increased Hero Power cap for Veteran difficulty.

The full patch notes can be found in the link below, but here are a few highlights:

  • Buffs For All Characters and Their Different Classes - there are too many here to list, and all of them are very specific, but on the whole, if there's a particular character/class you like to play or want to play, then chances are they've gotten some kind of buff. Some of these are more focused on increasing survivability (such as increasing the Dodge range), while others tweak certain thresholds for when passive abilities trigger.
  • Weapon Changes - damage scaling has been tweaked (more noticeable on Champion and Legendary difficulties), and fixes have been applied for some weapons that caused them to only hit single targets instead of multiple targets as intended.
  • Hero Power Cap Increased on Veteran, Removed for Champion/Legendary - the "Hero Power" can be thought of as a similar measure of your character's overall power (similar to "Light Level" in Destiny 2). On Veteran difficulty (the next step up from the easiest difficulty, Recruit), the highest Hero Power gear you could acquire was capped at 200. This has now been increased to 300, which should make the transition from Veteran to Champion easier, and the Hero Power caps have been removed altogether from Champion and Legendary.

As I stated above, this is just a general summary of the changes made in the patch, and while the nitty-gritty details may seem like small things, the impact they can make in a game like this are pretty big. I really enjoy playing Vermintide 2, but the occasional difficulty spikes can sour the overall experience and turn me off for a bit. I'm looking forward to diving back in and seeing how things play out now post-patch.