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New Team Sonic Racing Videos From SXSW
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New Team Sonic Racing Videos From SXSW

Gotta Watch Them - Fast!

At the recent South By Southwest Conference and Festivals (SXSW for short), SEGA had 3 new videos to show off a range of features and goodies for the forthcoming Team Sonic Racing. The first two videos focus on in-game content, including different ways to cosmetically customize your racing vehicle and some deeply catchy remixes. The final video is a bit different as it is the first episode of  “Team Sonic Racing: Overdrive,” an animated series set in the same context as the game.



While details have yet to emerge on the next entry in the Sonic franchise, it’s great to see SEGA continuing to have fun with the Blue Blur and his many companions. Go ahead and check out the videos below while I ponder my longtime question of why the fastest hedgehog alive has to use a car to race...

Will you be grabbing this entry into the world of crazy racing games, or have Crash and Mario kept all of your cartoonish racing needs satisfied? Let us know in the comments below!