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This Week In Co-op: Phoenix Wright
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This Week In Co-op: Phoenix Wright

I know what you're thinking: "How are any of the Phoenix Wright games Co-op in any way?" Well, I'm here to share a slightly different co-op adventure. One teaching an absolute non-gamer computer illiterate, how to play Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, with a little help, co-op if you will, from my sister. That's right, I spent an afternoon teaching my mother how to play DS.

When I play Phoenix Wright, I tend to laugh quite often. In my laughing fits around my mom, she started to ask me what was so funny. This is some of the first interest she'd shown in game I've played, so I indulged her. When I explained Phoenix Wright as a clever and hilarious whodunnit type of game, her interest was officially piqued. Now came the challenge.

My mom rarely uses touch screens, doesn't understand computer logic at all...she even had difficulty figuring out the power switch. Somehow this was endearing when trying to sit down with her to learn a game. Once I showed her the stylus, she used it to turn the system on, press the various buttons, and eventually tap options on the screen.

The co-op part comes in to play when my sister dug out her DS for my mom to use, and I provided the game. Over the course of about an hour, we each took turns explaining the different features of the game to her, because tutorials were foreign as well. The two of us cooperating to teach helped with general frustration (for both my mom, and the two of us), and I think the two of us struggling to explain things, actually helped my mom understand the game better because she has practice translating daughter-speak.

Me- "Okay mom, the idea is to catch the lie in that testimony."
My sister- "See those buttons that say "press" and "Present"?"
Me- "Touch the "Press" button to find the lie, and "Present" evidence to expose it!"
My mom"But, those are just pictures on the screen!"

Once she figured out the interactive parts, she actually started to get the game completely, especially the story. She laughed a lot, and we enjoyed watching/assisting with whatever we could. I started on the second game, while she was working on the first with my sister, and we all participated in unveiling the truth in these off-the-wall testimonies. It was a good bonding time for all of us, and I think she was proud of herself for grasping such a foreign concept!

It probably helped that I presented this Dr. Demento skit to sell my mom on the game: