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Xbox Arcade Games Unleashed On
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Xbox Arcade Games Unleashed On

If I go out and buy a Microsoft points card, one that I will use to purchase Xbox arcade games, there are set amounts that I am required to buy. For instance, if I would like an 800  game, which is equivalent to $10, I am required to buy at least a $20, 1600 card. Or, I could go for a 400 game, with the same point purchase requirement. Along with Xbox DLC, this leaves me with a perpetual balance, that I may, or may not ever fully drain.

Until now, that is. just announced its very own Xbox Store which allows you to buy individual arcade games, without having to translate Microsoft points into monetary value! With no packaging to purchase, you pay your total cost up front, and get the download code directly from No shipping costs, no waiting, and no Microsoft points - though, Microsoft points and gold memberships are also available.

Now the kicker question: Will be able to introduce it's usual competitive discounts, or does Microsoft have a lock down on the Arcade prices? I suppose we'll know for sure soon enough!

Friendly reminder, all purchases through help the site!