Bus Simulator 18

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
Official Map Extension Available For Bus Simulator 18
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Official Map Extension Available For Bus Simulator 18

Annexing at work.

What greater joy is there than a job well done?  Trick question - it's the joy of doing so while taking in joyous new landscapes and repping a sick decal.  Such are the glories on offer in the official map extension for Bus Simulator 18.

Perhaps you've mastered the complex routes and timetables in the existing segments of Seaside Valley, but are you punctual enough to handle driving the tech gurus of Kerststadt from district to district, or hardy enough to navigate the winding roads of Sonnstein?  Take a look at the trailer below and decide for yourself.

Alongside the two new districts, the extension also features 20 additional bus stops, nine extra story missions, and a whole slew of new skins and decals.  Now, you and your public transportation crew can both style and profile while safely transporting passengers around town.

Bus Simulator 18's cooperative play takes the form of company management, as four online players can band together to ensure everyone in Seaside Valley gets where they want in a timely manner.  Both the base game and its new extension are available now on PC.