Dauntless Officially Hits Version 1.0 Today
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Dauntless Officially Hits Version 1.0 Today

So long Early Access, hello full release

Dauntless, Phoenix Labs' free-to-play, Behemoth hunting action-RPG, is "Early Access" no more and rolls over to version 1.0 today. The title has seen a number of improvements and updates since its first alpha back in 2017 - including cross-save/cross-platform play, new weapons, new Behemoths to hunt, UI improvements, saved loadouts, a Hunt Pass, etc. - and there's plenty more to come.

There's an interactive roadmap over on the official website that goes through what's coming with version 1.0 and a few things that will be added in the near future, but the big ticket items are a new weapon (the "aether strikers," which are fist weapons with a unique combo/mantra system), a new Behemoth (Tempestborne Stormclaw), and a new bounty system that will replace the old weekly challenges. There's also a new Hunt Pass to kick off a the "Aether Unbound" season, which means you'll earn some cosmetic and crafting material rewards for playing the game and progressing through the pass.

We've checked out the game a number of times over the past couple years, and it's absolutely fair to say that if you like the concepts of Monster Hunter, but want something that cuts out a lot of the nitty-gritty mechanics and gets you right into the action, then Dauntless may just be the game for you.

Dauntless is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Four player online co-op is supported throughout, and cross-platform play and cross-platform saves are supported.