We Were Here Together

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
New Dev Diary Focuses on Co-Op of We Were Here Together
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New Dev Diary Focuses on Co-Op of We Were Here Together

Won't lie, watching this made me want to play it more

Total Mayhem Games has kicked off a four part developer diary series that's focused on how they approached the overall co-op experience for We Were Here Together. It's not often we get to hear this much from a developer about how they set about making a game that is cooperative through and through.

As I mentioned during our stream recap/impressions of the title, I've always been a fan of the We Were Here series. The puzzles are fun and definitely have co-op in mind when it comes to solving them, which is entirely the point. By presenting players with different perspectives of the same world it engenders this natural sort of desire to share that experience with others. Successfully communicating that perspective with your buddy and then working together to solve something is icing on the cake, and not to be lightly dismissed (there's an entire game that, in part, revolves around our inability to successfully communicate with one another).

We Were Here Together is available now on PC via Steam. Two player online co-op is supported and required for the campaign.