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Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island "Roughly the Size of Downtown Paradise"
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Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island "Roughly the Size of Downtown Paradise"

Criterion Games has been fairly quiet of late, updating their official news blog with filler material...until now.

Once again teasing the approach of the highly anticipated Big Surf Island DLC pack for highway hit Burnout Paradise, Criterion has issued a simple-yet-solid blog post that makes us wish we could have had this pack back in March.


The island is roughly the size of Downtown Paradise, but features gameplay unlike any other area in the game.

Our mantra is 'if you can see it, you can drive it' - which means that even the bridge to the city features multiple levels and massive jumps. The construction yard in the foreground is stacked with gameplay and the scaffold at the top features in one of the island's most memorable pieces of gameplay. Everywhere on the island is like this.



The scaffolds in the construction yard can be scaled and the hoops can be jumped. If you want a taste of what the island is all about, head for the airfield, quarry or beach in Burnout Paradise and imagine an area the size of Downtown dedicated to that kind of action.


I doubt you'll see all of us chomping at the bit to spend yet more money on Burnout DLC...but then again, there are many worse ways to spend ten bucks. Personally, I'm looking forward to this pack, as Burnout Paradise seems to be the perfect fallback game for those rainy days.

Source: Criteriongames.com