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Our Weekend In Gaming: One Long Weekend, Please
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Our Weekend In Gaming: One Long Weekend, Please

Actually, can you super size that?

Most of the Co-Opticrew has an extra long weekend coming up, and we aren't about to let it go to waste.  You won't find us groggily staring at a blank Netflix screen at 3AM, no sir.  Nobody's gonna catch us lying in a pile of Four Loko cans while Avril Lavigne's "Sk8er Boi" plays faintly from a nearby 6-disc CD player.  Not a chance.  We've got work to do, and by "work to do", I mean "video games to marathon through."

This weekend, we'll be playing America's (third) favorite pastime, guiding our countries to prosperity, and paying off enormous sums of bells.  Check it out!

Nick Puleo (@NickPuleo) - "I gave CoD: Warzone a try and I'm digging it. So will be playing that when not doing yard work."

Marc Allie (@DjinniMan) - "More Animal Crossing, Slay the Spire, and some Hearthstone here and there."

Enoch Starnes (@enochstarnes) - "I'll be fine-tuning my pitching rotation in Super Mega Baseball 3."

Matthew Squaire (@mattaghetti) - "I snagged Civ 6 on Epic for free so will try and take a run at owning the globe."

What are your gaming plans this weekend?  Let us know in the comments!